Change Log

This changelog is mainly here to assist in keeping a running history of changes made to the site, content added, etc.

It’s probably not very interesting to most site visitors, but it does help me to keep the details straight.

Version (Major/Minor)
7/12/20132.1Updated site to Wordpress 3.51 and updated several plugins (TablePress 1.0)
6/18/20122.1Updated site to Wordpress 3.4 and updated core theme (mystique) to 3.3.2.
4/30/20122.1Upgraded site to Wordpress 3.3.2

Migrated to different lightbox plugin that offers better presentation and more features.
4/20/20122.1Added some new links to the 'Links' section. Re-organized some of the site menu structure to better suit some future content additions.
4/3/20122.1Updated the about page. Much more complete text that flows significantly better and now includes a picture.
3/30/20122.1Moved the search form into the main navigation menu to make better use of menu space and widget space.
2/29/20122.1Posted version 1.0 of the site's Privacy Policy and the Terms of Service/Use.
2/13/20122.1Posted site revision 2.1 - Includes refreshed theme with many improvements to the functionality and presentation of the site.

Upgrade to Wordpress 3.3.1
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