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83: Brent’s Front Porch



Ah August….we barely knew ye.

There’s so much that transpired this past month, it’s hard to get it all in a blog post – fortunately for us (and to everyone else’s dismay) we have 3 hours and 20 minutes to tell all you fine listeners all about it!  If the math is right, that should be about 1.7 O’Shea Commutes.  #WINNING

All joking aside, we’ve got a pretty jam-packed episode for everyone – we discuss the latest play field clear coat issues that has taken the pinball internets by storm over the past couple of weeks and dovetail that with our thoughts on Jurassic Park and Star Wars “Pin”, both announced and released from Stern over the past 30-45 days.  We also discuss a really neat offering for anyone with a Cinematronic arcade machine (Star Castle, Armor Attack!, etc.) and talk about a recent trip to Brunswick, GA where Whitney visited the “Pinball Palace” (and Planet Fun) over family vacation.  Brent gives us a good education on video and pinball optos and we respond to a challenge issued forth by our friends at Pod Casserole.  We also cover off on our monthly updates where Whitney picks up a “spare” Robotron and Brent gives us his thoughts on both Cosmic Carnival and Black Knight: Sword of Rage (spoiler: Whitney loves it, Brent doesn’t… it’s like Donkey Kong all over again).

Oh…. don’t miss Brent’s “Facebook Rant” segment this month… it was so much fun that we named the episode after it!


82: 3 False Starts…The SFGE Story



July 2019

We’re back from July travels with all kinds of great arcade and pinball talk and a few stories to boot from our time at the 2019 Southern-Fried Gaming Expo.  Not only does the Panther travel to Atlanta in Business Class (not really… it was the front seat of Brent’s car) it inspired a host of people who wanted to buy “Panther Vision” neon glasses!  I think we’ve created a cottage industry by accident…

In addition to the updates, news and (burning) spending of Brent’s money (we buy flybacks, key locks and an Asteroids multi control panel, along with some other most excellent items) we’re joined by Stern Pinball’s own Mike Vinikour, Circus Maximus’ James Loflin and the Grand Ole Gameroom Expo’s David Corrigan.

We may be travel weary this month, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t have a good time and turn up short for words!!  Heck, we even speculate on Stern’s next game (which proved itself to be a double-hitter: both Star Wars “The Pin” and Jurassic Park!!)


81: The Name Dropper



June 2018

We are in the fortunate position this month to have the esteemed Nicholas Baldridge of the “For Amusement Only: The E.M. & Bingo Pinball Podcast” sit in with us this month for tri-hosting duties as we run him through the (un)ceremonious wringer as we talk all things Pinball and the new publication “Coin-Op Carnival”.  If you’ve not heard of this publication, then please go check it out (https://www.coinopcarnival.com/) and then come back and listen to this episode.

If you’d rather just dive right in, then here’s the abridged version: Coin-Op Carnival is a joint venture with Nick and his co-creator Ryan Claytor (of Elephant Eater Comics) and is a 4-volume series that features interviews with E.M. Pinball game designer(s), an E.M. pinball game reviews, in-depth technical articles (E.M. tech explained, etc.), industry-related comics and more.  It’s great fun and it feeds the brain as well – we guarantee you’ll learn something about the early days of Pinball or Brent will give you your money back!

We also catch up on a bit of industry news, talk about a new arcade component reproduction that has literally been years in the making and lament the last call of Batman ’66 before Stern “shuts it down forever”.

All this and more in 81!


80: The Black Panther?








April 2019

We are back in the studio for ep. 80 and while we might not be as epic as our namesake MCU counterpart, we certainly think we bring it back home this month, if nothing else in the number of commutes for this episode!

There’s been much to catch up on and we run the gamut this month, discussing everything from updates on gameroom audio setups, pinball art blades, Texas Pinball Festival, a Neo-Geo MVS pickup, oscilloscopes, the new Coin-Op Carnival book release, rebuilding G07′s and the K4600, spend some of Brent’s money, discuss Black Knight Sword of Rage and Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and…..well… you get the idea. :)

We also add in a ton of feedback and it generated some great discussion, so thanks to everyone who submits and keep it coming!

All up, we do our best super-hero podcasting for over 4 hours and this is all we have to show for it…CORRECTION – we do have a new mascot, but you’ll have to listen to get the backstory on that!


79: Live from LAX 2019–Saturday March 2 livestream show



March 2019

Hey everyone, while we’ve had a bit of an unplanned hiatus (we’ll be back for April) the podcasting machine rolls on and with it comes our livestream show from the 2019 Louisville Arcade Expo!  Sit in with us for almost 3 hours of chat with some of the younger fans of the show, custom shooter rods, custom Run DMD LED signs, great pop culture, movie and pinball discussion with all the sounds and entertainment from the Expo floor!

This show was recorded live (and streamed on our MixLR channel) on Saturday night, March 2nd 2019 and we are proud to present the following guests for the show (in order of appearance):

  • Alicia Hall
  • Grace Roberts & Gareth Millwood
  • The man who built his own Polybius cabinet (apologize – we didn’t catch his name)
  • Bill from Super Skill Shot Shooters (superskillshot.com)
  • Daniel Debusschere (Gameroommods.com)
  • Mike Vinikour (Stern Pinball)

Thanks to all for the kind words of support – we’re looking forward to being back in the studio for April 2019!


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