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95: The Console Mountain



December 2020

Salutations and tithings everyone, we trust that you are healthy, safe and ready to kick 2020 in the hiney to see it out proper. Speaking of “we” (as in not we, but he) Brent does this show solo (for reasons we’ll get into in January) so please give him the virtual “hug” and let us know if you liked the focus on this month’s show. It’s clear that he has spent some serious time over the past several weeks going “console crazy” and he told me in discussion it was like climbing a mountain – and a show title was born!

This month we feature another panel discussion from the 2019 Portland Retro Gaming Expo entitled “The Best Classic Consoles at any Price Point” and we think you’ll find it very interesting given the recent boom in retro console gaming and the interest there driving prices up almost everywhere online.

We hope everyone has a fantastic Christmas and New Years Holiday and we look forward to being back at full for January!


94: The Pulaski Maneuver



October 2020

We hope your Halloween pumpkins were stuffed to the brim this past Holiday and to celebrate “All Hallows Eve” we go old school with a long(ish) episode this month and the all references on this show run as deep as they do wide.  We’ll leave it to you, our astute listener, to unpack everything and make sense of it all (pretty much the same as every other month).  We dig into quite a few topics this show:

  • Parts and tool storage solutions (summoning the inner ratchet strap on this discussion)
  • The Multigame and High Score Save kit, revisited
  • Jersey Jack Pinball’s Gun N’ Roses “Not In this Lifetime” new release
  • Mailbag show follow-ups
  • The wrap-up of Brent’s part sort and the start of the show “prize closet”
  • Whitney’s foray into 3D printing parts for pinball machines

We also feature our next installment in the “2019 PRGE Seminar Series” with the audio from the “Atari Arcade Games – The REAL Atari” panel discussion.  This is part of the panels that Whitney attended at last year’s PRGE and is included here with permission from the show organizers.  This session features stories and insight from Ed Logg (Super Breakout, Asteroids, Centipede, Millipede, Gauntlet), John Salwitz (Paperboy), Rich Adam (Gravitar), and Ed Rotberg (Battlezone, 3D work internal in Atari).

Wherever you are in the world – we thank you for listening and hope that you and your family are safe and continue to be in good health.

We hope you enjoy the episode!


93: It’s Not Pretty



September 2020

As the “year of strange” marches on, we try to get back a sense of normalcy with this month’s show and and spend some quality time with our listeners.  To that end, we embark on our first ever “mailbag” show and respond to some long-waiting feedback and answer questions posted to both our Facebook page and our Twitter account.  Somewhere along the line, we lost count as to just how many we read on-air (20?) and we’ve easily got that many still in queue for “mailbag vol. 2″ so let us know if you enjoyed the format and would like to hear us do this again!

We also cover off on our normal gameroom and hobby updates (shattered pinball glass, anyone?) and catch up on just a little bit of news and give our thoughts on the upcoming Avengers: Infinity Quest from Stern Pinball, the DeepRoot (non)reveal and the upcoming C64

We also feature another panel discussion from the 2019 Portland Retro Gaming Expo as we hear from the legendary Howard Scott Warshaw as he talks about his time at Atari and developing some of the most beloved (and one ridiculed – unfairly, IMHO) Atari 2600 titles.

Lest we forget, we also announce the winner of our LitFrame contest!

Wherever you are in the world – we thank you for listening and hope that you and your family are safe and continue to be in good health.

We hope you enjoy the episode – thanks for listening and GAME ON!


92: Wakanda Forever



August 2020 - it took a lot from us. 

The news of losing both Chadwick Boseman and Curt Vendell hurt and hurt badly as their contributions to the collective community are as meaningful in both number as they are in prolific and lasting impact.

With that, we reflect on the respective contributions from both and pay our due respects, then it’s back to business as usual with gameroom updates, spending some of Brent’s money, discussion on the new Pixel Planet Arcade that is opening soon in TN and we speculate a bit on the newest game release by Stern Pinball (Avengers: Infinity Quest).  Add to all of that and we feature a panel discussion (entitled “Dan Kitchen’s Goldrush”) from the 2019 Portland Retro Gaming Expo where Dan Kitchen talks about his upcoming game for the Atari 2600 (it’s a sequel to Activision’s Keystone Kapers) and is joined by his brother Garry Kitchen and prolific game designer David Crane.

Also – don’t forget to enter the Lit Frame’s contest giveaway!  We’re taking submissions until Midnight EST on Sept. 15th!

Wherever you are in the world – we thank you for listening and hope that you and your family are safe and continue to be in good health.

We hope you enjoy the episode!

But wait…there’s more! (more…)

Win a $159 Stern LCD-sized backlit translite frame – courtesy of Lit Frames!

Brad Hunter from Lit Frames has been gracious enough to sponsor our latest podcast contest prize – a white Stern-LCD-sized LED-backlit translite frame – valued at $159!
So – how do you enter? It’s easy – all you have to do is guess a number between 1 and 1000, get your guess to us and wait for the Sept. episode where Whitney will announce the winning number that is sealed in an envelope that sits in the coin bucket of Brent’s Tempest.
How do I enter?  It’s easy!  Do any ONE of the following:
1. Reply to this blog post with your guess.
2. Reply to our FB page post (with your guess.
3. Tweet your guess with the hashtag #BTLitFrames

We’ll keep the contest open until midnight EST Sept. 15th. so everyone has an ample chance to enter.

There’s only a few rules and caveats to abide by:

  • Only one entry/guess allowed per person
  • Prize is the actual frame as shown above – no translites or any other product is included.
  • Shipping is provided within the CONUS; If winner resides outside the CONUS, then they will be responsible for shipping to the address of their choosing.
  • Closest to the mark (over/under/exact) wins the frame
  • In the event of multiple winners, earliest entrant (by timestamp) gets the prize!

Best of luck!

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