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PHP Manager is a must-have for all WordPress on IIS installations

tooliconI ran across this – PHP Manager – a bit ago and installed the tool here on the site to see if it would work as well as the screen shots on codeplex seemed to promise.  Historically being a .NET guy, I feel that my PHP optimization skills are still a bit to be desired, so I wasn’t surprised at all to see the tool report back a non-optimal installation here on BrokenToken.

What’s nice is that the add-in made it very easy to pinpoint several settings that needed to be changed, and it let me do so in bulk and implement all changes in one fell swoop.  Be sure to do an ‘iisreset’ after any changes so that they are picked up and put into effect.

One word of caution, though:  if you like to keep your php.ini file neat and organized, this add-in will group all of it’s settings changes into one section of the file (usually somewhere in the middle – don’t ask me why) and kill whatever kind of ‘.ini feng shui’ you might have going on.  I’m admittedly a bit obsessive about such things, so I found it necessary to move the settings around, but nonetheless the add-in is effective and reliable.

There are both x64 and x86 builds available.  Have at it and hopefully get a better-running PHP install as a result!

Brokentoken Redux…part 1


recyclereduxlogoIt’s been a long while since I’ve updated anything here on the site and although I’ve been busy behind the scenes staying active in the collecting part of the arcadehobby and non-hobby life and all the crazy stuff that goes on with home ownership, etc., I’m getting back into the swing of things blog-wise and am looking forward to getting a huge back-log of information written up and put on the site.

Part of that involved me taking a second look at the site’s design and seeing where I could freshen it up just a bit and simplify it somewhat as well.  One of the things that I (admittedly) lack is advanced skills at Illustrator/Photoshop.  However, I’m constantly trying to learn more about such and one of the things that has always bothered me about the brokentoken logo is that it just wasn’t “clean”.  I originally got the ‘broken’ parts of the token from a live-traced (using a very old version of Illustrator) raster scan.  For me getting started a year ago, it worked.  However, I’ve always been bothered by how the token looked when blown up (I’ve got some future plans that require a clean vector). (more…)

Nintendo buttons (repro) available again at Mike’s Arcade


If you are needing the ever-elusive blue and orange Nintendo leaf buttons for your restoration project, then head on over to Mike’s Arcade to pick up the buttons as they are available for order at this time. 

Also note that the control panel bolt kits are also available for order… no telling how long these highly sought-after components will be available, so if you need some, then I suggest you make provisions. 

I’ve been on the hunt for both the buttons and the bolts for several months now, and they are near impossible to turn up in good, clean (and non-faded) condition nowadays.  I found Mike’s site a while back and when I saw these listed at that time, I got all kinds of excited about getting these parts.  I tried to order both the buttons and the control panel bolts only to be told by Kim that they only get stock on them occasionally, and additioanl stock ETA was unknown at the time, so I turned to hunting them up on KLOV but had little luck.   Fast-forward 6 months and more stock is now available.

Mike’s buttons are reproductions, but the measurements/dimensions are exact, and the buttons include the PAL nut and will drop right into the Nintendo button holder for your control panel. 

I’m not affiliated with Mike’s in any way/shape/form – I’m just happy that these are now available and I hope some people are able to take advantage of these replacements if they cannot find NOS or used stock.

I’ve ordered a few sets for my Donkey Kong, DKJr and Mario Brothers restorations, so I’ll post pictures once my order comes in and compare them to what Nintendo buttons I do have available.

KY/Southern IN Arcade meet up – October 3rd 2009!


Set the date for Saturday, October 3rd @ 2:00 PM and try to make it out to Wicks Pizza at 975 Baxter Ave in Louisville.

Over at CoinOpSpace.com, myself and fellow local collector Wayne Boyd have organized a collectors meet/greet for that Saturday.  Hopefully we’ll have a good turnout and everyone can network a little bit and meet someone new.  We’re planning on hanging at Wicks for a bit to eat/talk, and then heading down to Ed Lutz’s shop (Arcade Odyssey) for some gaming and discussion and maybe a few other activities after that wraps up.

More details are in this thread over at COSP – http://www.coinopspace.com/group/kentuckyarcadecollectors.

Fix for HTTP error 500/XMLRPC issue when publishing via Live Writer and the post has embedded images


Whew – long title I know, but it’s what I started running into when attempting to upload a post to brokentoken via Windows Live Writer (WLW).

I’m still trying to determine whether or not I’m going to stick with/ WLW for post composition or use WordPress’ built in editor – I’m split 50/50 on it right now.   Regardless of the outcome on that, I ran into an issue where I was publishing a post that had some embedded images in it, and the XMLRPC interface of WordPress kicked back an “internal server error” with a HTTP status code of 500.

Enter a little Google-fu and I found this to be a very clean and simple solution:


I have verified here on brokentoken that it was necessary and have also verified that my development environment  is afflicted as well.

Simple enough fix via phpMyAdmin and all is well.  I hope this helps someone else out if they run into this issue using WLW (or any XMLRPC publishing method) with embedded images.

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