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Episode 22 – I love them, but they don’t love me back



 January 2015

We’re ringing in 2015 with a bit of flair by way of some updates to the podcast, and we trust that everyone is as excited as we are for some of the changes we’re making for the New Year!

With the Holidays now squarely behind us, we take some time to revisit the holidays a bit and cover what we’ve been up to for the past month – which turned into far, far more than either of us had originally thought.  I (Whitney) have been hammering on the ZooKeeper resto project and cabbaging as many tube swap candidates that I can find.  Brent, on the other hand has been BUSY.. so much so that it took both of by surprise once we worked our way through the list.  I didn’t know if we might need to give him a dedicated episode or what…


Episode 21 – An Evening with John Trudeau



January 2015

We’re kicking off the new year in a massive way by sitting in with legendary Pinball designer, John Trudeau, and spending an evening discussing Stern’s newest title – Wrestlemania!

John gives us a candid and unplugged discussion around the back-story for the title while we talk game development, rule sets and all the new technology in this title.  Stern has packed this game to the gills with several legit new features and we talk through them all… from a new sound system to the innovative playfield mechanics and the brand-new modular Linux-based controller system alongside the introduction of LCD technology (in the LE) to the Stern line-up.

No kayfabe here gang… this is Stern’s A-game and we talk this baby from the swerve to the work and everything in-between.


Episode 20 – Welcome To My Intervention



December, 2014

Merry Christmas everyone!

This episode sees us amazing even ourselves on the sheer amount of content we can pack into a single month’s episode.  In short, this month’s show should easily outlast even the longest of ‘Griswold-esque’ family get-togethers and equal about 2.7 stocking stuffers!


Episode 19 – The Village and the Idiot



November 2014

We’re back in the studio to recap all things related to Pinball Expo 2014 where we run through all the announcements, give our thoughts on everything we saw and discuss the most notable parts of the show.  We then discuss what we’ve been working on in-between travels over the past month and Brent recaps his progress on the Burgertime Project (the winner in the “Put Brent to work” poll) while Whitney finally (*finally*) gets one of the games he’s been after for years (a grail?!?!?) – Zoo Keeper!


Episode 18 – Whole Lotta Pinball Going On



October 2014

This is part 3 of 3 of our coverage from Pinball Expo 2014.  This episode is a recording of our livestream show on Saturday, October 18th, where we recap the weekend and talk through everything we’ve seen and what really sticks as we wrap up the expo.  We talk about several of the more unique games at Expo, we give EM’s some love and talk about the afternoon’s autograph session (where Whitney goes all fanboi for Steve Richie).

We also spend some time talking to Patrick Wall from Gameroom Junkies to get his comments on the expo as well as listener Shawn O’Shea – who gifted us with some awesome #FAARPARR shirts during the podcasters panel and was a big help to us over the weekend.

As always, remember to check our Facebook Page @ for LOTS of content in-between the episodes, as Brent and I are keep a lively presence on the podcast page and we enjoy lots of great discussion on trending topics.

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Thanks for listening and GAME ON!

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