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Episode 06 – What Time (Pilot) Is It?



February 2014

Brent and I venture into some new ground with the 6-month anniversary episode and respond to some listener requests by hosting the first of a series of editorial segments on ‘what is retro’ and ‘restored vs. refurbished vs. reproduction’ and discuss the merits of each and where we feel each topic has relevance in collecting and preserving our beloved games.

We also do some more in-depth coverage on what will be our first ‘podcast appearance’ with our booth at the Louisville Arcade Expo.  We have lots of discussion around that topic as Brent and I will be hosting several panel discussions, doing some live streaming and recording some live interviews as well.  We will also be taking up a collection for the GoFundMe drives for Barry Oursler and Python Anghelo.

We also spend some time talking about current project progress, artwork and parts reproduction parts coming available this month and anything else that we can cram in between segments!

Curious about the show title?  We pimp Time Pilot no less than 20 times this month (in a number of points through the episode), so we only felt it proper to give back a little respect.


Episode 05 – Who’s BUGging us now?



January 2014

Episode #05 is epic, and I don’t know any other way to put it! Brent and I strap ourselves to the chairs in the recording studio and pretty much let it roll – show notes be damned!

We cover a lot of ground in this episode and there’s plenty of arcade and pinball content this month to please even the most discerning of collectors.  Brent and I cover what we’ve been up to over the Christmas Holiday and New Years, talk through some current restoration project progress, visit an EPIC pinball game room with private collector Larry Pavey, talk through the latest available arcade reproduction parts, battle Brent being sick, perform an impromptu Battle Zone joystick grommet test and we even have our first ever ‘cross-podcast cameo’ with Charlie and Bug from the Spooky Pinball podcast!

There’s a lot more that I’ve left out, but you’ll have to listen to get it all!  Speaking of that, be sure to swap out your Walkman batteries for a fresh set of Ray-O-Vacs , because this episode weighs in a little over 6 hours (Yep – SIX HOURS…. Brent and I were on a roll).  How’s that for value, eh?  Just leave a quarter on the toilet and don’t forget to wash your hands on the way out!

We had a pretty large ‘outtake’ selection for this month, so be sure to listen to the Spooky cameo and the end of the show – it’s worth it!


Episode 04 – You say Firepower, I say Firepower



December 2013

We’re back with Episode #04 and with it, Brent and I saddle up for lots of great talk on current happenings in the arcade and pinball scene, as well as cover what we’ve been up to over the past month.

In addition to catching up on the happenings since Episode #03, we talk about a host of technical topics (Brent covers broken neck board repair, and I dig into high-score save kits) as well as my very own ‘Project FlipFlop’ that I started last month – it’s a 2x attempt at ramping up my Nintendo row at the home game room.    Brent gives us some lowdown on his arcade party schedule and the Dirty Harry pinball he finished shopping and moved into his game room.

We’re fortunate to have not one, but two in-studio guests this month.  Brothers Matt & Jeremy Fleitz of the Louisville Arcade Expo sit in with us and give us a behind-the-scenes view of what goes on to make the show possible each year, as well as a few teasers for what (and who) we can expect to see at the 2014 show!

This is a good problem to have (or so I’m told), but Brent and I found ourselves having to hold some topics for next episode, or else we would have had an 8-hour show this month!  Buckle up (Mustang reference) and get ready for another jam-packed show as we pronounce FirePower no less than six different ways – and think they all sound right!

Oh – listen to “all” of the show.  The first round of outtakes are now live. ;)


Episode 03 – All you MEAD is a good notebook…



November 2013

Welcome back for Episode #3 (it is the magic number, after all) of the podcast!

Brent and I (Whitney) sit down and talk A LOT about Pinball in this episode and we have a great time doing it.  I promise we’ll get back to arcades in the next episode in an effort to stay as balanced as we can.

All that being said, we break down quite a few topics on the DeepDive segment and talk about upcoming holiday plans, talk through some current pinball happenings, our respective projects, lament the saga behind show notes and Brent’s trusty Mead notebook.  Add to all of that and we even have our first ‘remote’ interview for the show!

Louisville, KY collector Geoff Schunerle was nice enough to invite me into his home to sit down and talk about his collection, memories of the arcade and why this hobby is so special to him and his brother.  Geoff was a great interview and we had fun time talking and I think that will come through in what you hear.

We also haggle through the almost-endless debate on original vs. remake machines with the news of the re-release of Medieval Madness…. let the insanity ensue!


Episode 02 – Lay A Strap To It



October 2013

Welcome back to episode #2 of the podcast!  In this episode, we cover a wide range of topics – everything from classic board games, to pinball mods to moving games to ratchet straps (ah… ratchet straps) to accidentally trashing a classic *and* we have our first ‘in-studio’ interview!  We’re grateful to have Ed Lutz, owner of Arcade Odyssey in Louisville, KY – a local arcade and pinball repair business – sit in for a discussion that spans the years and we get to learn a lot about the man behind the ‘elutz’ handle.


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