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Episode 12 – Live from SFGE 2014 – Talking with the Arcade Legends – Panel Discussion 2



July 2014

In this episode, we are live from the Southern-Fried Gameroom Expo in Atlanta, GA where we have the privilege of hosting a panel discussion with several of the “Arcade Legends” in the scene today.

We delve into many topics on this panel and cover everything from what it takes to be a world-class gamer, to the inspiration behind the Twin Galaxies trading card program to some insight into the production of the movie “The King of Arcades” by Richie Knucklez.

We cover a lot of ground, so get ready for some really insightful discussion!

Panel Participants include:


Episode 11 – Live from SFGE 2014 – Pimp Your Ride: Creating Custom Vids and Pins



 July 2014

In this episode of the podcast, Brent and Whitney are in Atlanta, GA for the Southern-Fried Gameroom Expo and have the distinct privilege of hosting a panel discussion on the topic of what it takes to create custom arcade games and pinball titles in today’s gaming industry.

We delve into game development. how to get published and make a name for yourself in this scene, as well as discuss Pinball development, Pinball 2000 modifications and how brand new games (and transforming existing games into new ones) gets done.  You’ll also hear the world debut of the breaking news – which was live at the expo – on the upcoming “Python’s Pinball Circus” “re-envisioning” (as in being made the way Python Anghelo wanted) that is being done by Circus Maximus!


Episode 10 – Live from The Place Retro Arcade with John Salter and Estel Goffinet



June 2014

Happy Summer everyone!  Last month, Brent and I were fortunate enough to be invited up to “The Place, Retro Arcade” in Cincinnati OH to do a live broadcast from owner Cary Chaney’s family arcade where we sit in and talk gaming, world-records and marathon preparation with two of the “arcade marathon alumni” – John Salter and Estel Goffinet.

What ensued from there is nothing short of “an experience”. :)  After working out the logistics with Cary, we packed up our gear in Brent’s truck, hitched to my trailer (I was hoping to bring home a game) and hit the road to Cincinnati.  We ran into truck troubles, trailer troubles, me being (very) sick and farm animals on the freeway.  In the end, we persevered and were greeted with fantastic hospitality and our guests are nothing short of amazing.

The guys easily put up with me (Whitney) losing my voice part-way through the episode…I wound up getting pretty sick after-the-fact, so Brent wound up carrying this one over the line and conducted a fantastic panel discussion with both John, Estel and Cary.

Check out the photos below from the event.  John Salter shows his customized Armor Attack control panel and discusses how he ‘fixed’ everything that was wrong with the original game from a reliability perspective.  I’ve got lots of props for the guys that take their game to this level, and it’s really neat to hear the story behind his world record-setting run on Armor Attack.  Estel Goffinet talks about his participation in the competitive Donkey Kong scene and discusses plans for the upcoming Kong Off 4.

Although this episode breaks a bit from our normal format, we really hope you enjoy it and would love to hear feedback if you’d like to hear more of this type of content in future shows!  Just hit up our ‘Contact’ page or shoot us an e-mail at ‘’!  We’d love to hear from you!

oh yeah – keep an eye out for some additional content being released in the next couple of weeks, as we begin recording for Episode #11 (which will be MASSIVE – fair warning on that now…) and release content from the Southern-Fried Gameroom Expo!  We’ll be working in conjunction with Preston & Patrick from the Gameroom Junkies podcast as well as Jonathan Leung from the Arcade Repair Tips podcast to bring you “wall-to-wall” coverage of the many panel discussions, podcasting sessions and impromptu photo sessions (and photo bombs!) from the expo.  It was nothing short of EPIC.

Thanks for listening and GAME ON!

Episode 09 – Batavia Bound and Down



May 2014

We break from the mold a bit this month and feature 3 special guests along with a whole bevy of pinball talk and arcade game updates.  Brent and I go on a road trip to attend a Python Anghelo tribute party where we play all kinds of classic, modern and A-list pinball titles at the home of Phoebe and Larry Smith.  I buy shaker motors and we watch some masters at the silverball totally own Attack From Mars.

We put local collector Steve Ridge and his son Michael in front of the microphone and talk about their involvement in the hobby (as well as them also attending Phoebe’s party) and we then have a very special interview segment with Luke Dyson.

Fellow arcade collectors probably know Luke as ‘Tronic’ on the KLOV forums where he has been the driving force behind the reproduction Atari Quantum PCB’s and is now working on reproducing Major Havoc’s PCB, as well.  If you’ve ever wanted to know what goes on behind the scenes to reverse engineer a PCB and then make a working copy, then you’ll definitely want to hear this interview.

Add in some gameroom updates, current Pinball and arcade news, reproduction parts updates and more outtakes than you can shake an Atari cabinet at, and you’ve got episode 09 of the podcast!


Episode 08 – ChairKon, The Show Of….??



April 2014

Brent and I are back at the mic this month with our final thoughts on the 2014 Louisville Arcade Expo and look toward the upcoming restoration (…refurbishment) season, events and shows that we’ll be attending as well as discussing a few firsts for the show.

Not only do we wrap up a few discussions on some of our current projects, but we introduce a show first – Whitney spends a good bit of time rummaging through Brent’s garage and picks out four machines as candidates and we’re going to let everyone weigh in via poll as you – our listeners – decide what will be Brent’s next project!

We also go heads-first into the latest in arcade restoration project news, Brent talks PCB acid damage repair and we have Kevin Kulek (from Skit-B Pinball) on the show as we present the panel discussion/interview we did with him at the 2014 Louisville Arcade Expo.

Add on to this our first voicemail callers, Whitney botching his words and Brent chopping up Varkons to make into a chair, and you’ve got what we affectionately call “Episode 08″ of the podcast!

Or just “ChairKon” for short… yeah… that’ll work just as good.


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