The calm before the storm…



We are in the final countdown to the Louisville Arcade Expo taking place in Louisville this weekend.  Many local (and some not-so-local) collectors, players and lovers of “all things retro gaming” are making final preparations to haul pinball machines, arcade games, classic consoles/computers and anyone else who is along for the ride and converge for the 3rd-annual LAX.


Despite the expo running for the entire weekend, there will be some pre-expo events, in case you are interested:

  • Wednesday night (3/6/2013) –Pinball tournament is being held at Zanzabar!
  • Thursday night (3/7/2013) – official ‘unloading’ at the expo – this is one of the best parts of the event, IMHO.  A lot of the local collectors are onsite getting everything ready for the playing public.  It’s a great time to come visit with the people who make the whole weekend a possibility.  Of course, you have to contribute a game to participate here, so if you are planning on bringing something to the expo and have been on the fence, hopefully this will entice you a bit further!

The local media coverage of the expo has picked up steam, as well.  Check out this article from Matt Frassica in the March 4th, 2013 Courier Journal – as it has a lot of good background info for this year’s expo and what to expect (and who will be there, as well!)

This year’s expo promises a lot and I know it will deliver.  There is an entirely new floor plan, lots of vendor space and retro goodness everywhere.  Be sure to keep abreast of the current game list as well… it will change from day-to-day and there is always a lot of walk-in ‘surprises’ as well.

Pack up the kids, throw on your best Nintendo t-shirt and we’ll see you at the expo!

A lot can happen in a year!



Wow…. In looking back at the last time I’ve written a post, I’m a little ashamed to see that almost a year has gone by.  I’m certain that many might have though the blog forgotten, but trust me in that nothing could be further from the truth.  I’ve had a lot going on between my last post and this post – much personal, much arcade and a fair amount that lands somewhere in between…


One for the Arcade Bucket List – the 2012 CAGDC Tournament


Disclaimer: I am not a professional/top-seeded/world record-holding gamer… but I can surely hang out with the guys that are!


I find that having a bucket list for this hobby (as well as other parts of my life) helps to keep me focused on what I should be striving to accomplish.  Fortunately, I ‘m now able to cross one of the items off my arcade list.

Louisville is a neat town for the arcade/pinball/retro hobby.  We have our own arcade and pinball expo, we have our own classic arcade/pinball bar and restaurant, we have lots of local collectors that are part of a pretty tight-knit group and we also have Mark Alpiger.  If you’re not familiar with Mark, he’s one of the co-stars of the 2007 documentary “The King of Kong”.

What most people don’t realize is that Mark lives in this area and sponsors a yearly tournament that brings people from all over the country to compete against each other for top-billing and bragging rights for the year.

You might think “what’s so special about this tournament…especially compared to all the other tournaments out there?”.  Well, that’s where the details make the difference…


Recap – Louisville Arcade Expo 2012


2012-03-04-69Now that the lights, sounds and crowds of the 2012 Louisville Arcade Expo are behind us, this presents the perfect time to revisit for those who didn’t get to attend.  There was so much going on this year, that it was kind of hard to take everything in and make sure that all aspects of the show were captured.  Hopefully this summary will give a good recap of the overall experience and show just how much has changed from last year’s show.


‘Project Chicago’ – it almost didn’t happen….



Much of the story for this post comes from something that everyone in the collecting/playing/restoration community will likely experience from time-to-time:  a greedy seller.  At the time, I didn’t realize that it would have such a great ending, though.  I was prepared for the worst and wound up getting the best.

The back story on this starts where many an arcade acquisition begins…. Craigslist.


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