This is what makes this hobby fun


It’s neat what can come of a series of totally random situations all boxed up together…. let me set the stage for a bit, then I can move on to what is the most rewarding part of the collecting/restoring/playing hobby for me…

Last week I picked up an Asteroids Deluxe.  It is in great shape, but the seller ran upon some hard times, ran out of cash to finish the restoration and thus needed to move it to recoup some of the losses .  The only real problem with the game is that the G08 monitor chassis wasn’t anywhere to be found as the seller had sent it out to Chad @ ArcadeCRT to have the chassis completely “gone through”.  Seeing as how the seller seemed to be trustworthy and the cabinet was in great shape otherwise (i.e. no water or cabinet damage, good sideart, etc.),  I went ahead and bit on it, rode up to Indy and did the pick up and headed back here to Louisville with all the parts in tow.


Game Galaxy Retro Arcade Museum Grand Opening!


KLOV member DreamTR recently posted up about the October 29th, 2011 opening of the ‘retro arcade museum’ at the Nashville, TN Game Galaxy Arcade. Fellow collector Jason Bradley, Popeye Steve and I rode down to Nashville to be there on opening day, and I can honestly say that we had a blast.  We were fortunate to be able to spend several hours there at the Hickory Hollow mall location and were able to get a good feel for what Game Galaxy has going on…


Silkscreened Burgertime Glass Bezels – ready for pre-order!


Burgertime Bezel


Woot! Patience finally pays off. has finally opened up a pre-order for their silk-screened Burgertime (upright) monitor bezels.  I am very excited to see this happen and plan on getting in on the pre-order myself have just placed my ‘pre-order’ order! They are even raffling off a great prize (metal space invader wall art) which is open to the first 20 orders, so getsome!


Support March of Dimes, Win Cool Gameroom Stuff!


Every year, half a million babies in the U.S. are born prematurely. Premature birth is the leading cause of newborn death and many life long disabilities. However, March of Dimes is an organization determined to prevent this problem and save young lives. KLOV user Dean Ayer (aka Herbertsmart) has organized a raffle to help in raising funds for this outstanding organization. Simply donate to the March of Dimes through Dean’s secure fundraising homepage to be automatically entered in a raffle to win a TON of cool gameroom goodies generously donated by many arcade/pinball/geek sponsors. See all the cool stuff available after the jump.*


A little spring cleaning and a new sponsor!


Quick update for today, but I wanted to alert all visitors that the site just went live with a brand-new theme that I’ve been working on for quite some time now.

I also upgraded the site to WordPress 3.11, implemented native menus and re-worked some of the plug-ins (got rid of a bunch of redundancy and tried to optimize things as much as possible).

I’m also super-happy to report that brokentoken now has its first sponsor!

We are now hosted on the CBeyond (formerly MaximumASP) cloud services platform, so this is a huge upgrade in bandwidth, uptime and reliability than was previously available, so they are making the site nice and fast and their support is greatly appreciated.

Please page around the site and feel free to leave any comments/issues/constructive criticism.


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