Episode 47–There’s a head stuck in your coin door



October 2016

Ahh… Halloween.  It’s could be called one of the best (it’s definitely one of the most fun) holidays of the year and we try to pay homage to that spirit of fun this month here on the show.  Despite showing up to record in our best costumes (we dressed up like wannabe podcasters), we ditch the spooky sound effects and get straight to the business of the month – and it’s nothing but high-quality arcade and pinball talk.  Ok – the high-quality part is a stretch, but it beats getting a bag full of rocks.

We cover off on our recent Ghostbusters pinball purchase, take delivery and do some box unpacking talk, along with lots (and I do mean lots) of discussion on first impressions, what needs to be addressed before putting the game into full-time play and our favorite mods for the game thus far.  We talk through monthly updates (which encompasses a Rowe jukebox, Back To The Future pinball, Mad Planets and a major announcement on the Sky Skipper Project that Whitney is working on with Alex and Olly in the UK.  At this time, it’s safe to say Sky Skipper is officially on like Donkey Kong.  We also talk shop on approaches to LED’ing out a pinball machine and following up on the Bryman BM235 multimeter.

Oh – and Whitney finds all kinds of treasures in the coin buckets of Brent’s games.

Here’s the best recipe we could come up with on short notice to help you enjoy this month’s show:


Episode 46–Back to the cackle part XLVI



September 2016

If there’s any possible way to mash up arcade and pinball talk, a ton of updates, some hilarious feedback, a brand new “side project” announcement (like Whitney needs another one), game pickups, BTTF, Star Wars, Star Trek, Lazer Blaze, birthday parties and a new multimeter all into one episode, then yeah – we can call Episode 46 “mission accomplished”.

With all that, I’m not really sure what else to say.  You’ll need to listen and sort it all out for yourself, because our minds are mush after recording this episode.  I think the only thing we had left over on the cutting room floor was the kitchen sink and it will somehow make it into episode 47, I am sure.

In all seriousness, we have a ton of topics that we cover this month – you can akin it to driving in circles for 88 miles and moving forward 3.  See what I did there!?!?!

Thanks for listening and here’s to ending September 2016 on the highest note possible! (more…)

Episode 45–Fudge at a ComicCon is illogical



August 2016

With a show title mashup like that, I’m not even really sure where to start – so the best thing to do is just put everything on the table and let you decide – and figure out where the fudge plays into everything…

This month we cover off on a multitude of topics:

and last but certainly not least, we dive head-first into the world of CRT rejuvinators and spend some of Brent’s money on a killer multimeter and cover off on a ton of feedback and some news as well.

Saddle up – we’re good for at least 2.5 commutes this month! :)


SFGE 2016 Panel Discussion – Repair it, Restore it – Don’t spend your money on it, spend Brent’s instead!



Join us for one of the panel discussions we presented at the 2016 Southern-Fried Gameroom Expo​.

In this video we walk through current topics in the arcade collecting community (prices, game availability, collecting phases, etc.) and discuss reproductions vs. NOS vs. rebuilding vs…. yeah – you get the drift.

We also flip the content and show you how to save some of that hard-earned cash by building your own bench testing rig that is capable of running both arcade PCB’s and arcade monitors simultaneously, and is switchable between 100v and 115v for powering both Sanyo (Nintendo) or a normal (WG, Electrohome, Vision Pro, etc.) arcade monitor – SWEET, right!?!?!

If you want to grab a PDF version of the PowerPoint presentation and the Bill of Material for the ‘Beast Board’ shown in this video, then check the links below and get to building!


SFGE 2016 Panel Discussion – Takin’ it to the shop, making an old pinball game new



Join us for one of the panel discussions we presented at the 2016 Southern-Fried Gameroom Expo​.

In this video, we cover what it takes to “shop out” a pinball machine where we discuss everything from maintenance tips and tricks to how to clean and touch up a playfield as well as covering off on some of the higher-level tasks associated with a full-on restoration.

If you want to follow along in the video with the PowerPoint presentation, then you can find a PDF export of the slide deck available below:


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