62: Sounds like Burl Ives!



December 2017

There’s no better way to wrap the year and send 2017 out with a bang than to wax nostalgic on why we sound absolutely NOTHING like the smooth tones of our favorite Christmas music poet from way back…Mr. Burl Ives.

TBH, we don’t really dig much into Burl Ives in this episode, but it did make for a couple good references and it is that time of year!  Instead, what you get for this last show is 2017 is a healthy heaping of reflection on the year, some current updates, some spending of the Brent’s money, some discussion on EEPROM programmers and some non-committal pinball talk about Guardians of the Galaxy and Total Nuclear Annihilation.  Oh yeah – that and we want to go see Star Wars: The Last Jedi – like really bad.

We thank everyone for their time in 2017 – we know you’ve got a choice in podcasts and we appreciate you continuing to spend your time with us!  We will try (like harder than we did this year) to continue the push above mediocrity for 2018 – onwards and upwards!!


61: We Are Professional Grade



November 2017

Thanksgiving (and November as a whole) – it seems to come and go in a flash – whether we like it or not. Despite the pace, it’s always important to take the time and reflect on what to be thankful for this year.  For us, it’s being back home safe and sound (Whitney) to get back in the studio and for not blowing out a Christmas budget (Brent) by spending too much money – and Whitney invents yet another new word!  Did we say we are professionals?

So true to form, what do we do instead of spending all of Brent’s money?  We run through our monthly updates, talk about what’s coming up with the Holidays, Whitney recaps his UK trip for the Sky Skipper reveal at the Arcade Club and we discuss our most excellent weekend at the Grand Ole Gameroom Expo.   We chat a bit about the upcoming Pole Position FPGA board, Guardians of the Galaxy Pinball and the Mike Doyle multi-Pac kit (Brent likes Pac-Man instead of Donkey Kong…go figure).

As a special treat, we also have a bonus segment we recorded with Adam and JP of Podcasserole while at the Expo.  It was a ton of fun, as we talked arcade games, movies, all kinds of pop-culture references, and learned quite a bit about Back to the Future, as well.

Can’t no Tryptophan keep us podcasters down!


60: Almost a Show…



October 2017

It was bound to happen, but we’re proud to say it took 60 episodes before we had to call in a favor – friend of the show David Corrigan (from the Grand Ole Gameroom Expo) sits in the ‘Whitney chair’ this month and picks up the slack since Whitney has been out gallivanting across the globe with the UK Sky Skipper reveal.

Despite the show improving quite a bit, just don’t expect such a high bar to be upheld going forward every single episode… we can’t afford this kind of consistent talent!
But enough with that, let’s hear about the good stuff – the games and what’s been going on this past month…

Brent discusses some pretty significant lineup changes, and what’s he’s taking down to the Nashville show to put in the linuep.  Multiple Tron’s are discussed (like who has two Tron’s anyway?  It’s about like having 5 Defender’s…) and Brent runs through some good fix-up parts for MCR games.  David gives us some some info on his background, his personal collection and digs into just what it takes to be the “head guy in charge” of running a large expo in today’s market.  In a nutshell – it’s not easy, and it takes determination and commitment. We do wind up hearing from Whitney though, as he phones in an interview segment from across the pond as he and Alex review the UK Sky Skipper reveal weekend and discuss their thoughts on the project now that it is coming to a formal close.  Stand ready though – we’ll hear the full recap of Whitney’s two weeks in the UK and more on the UK reveal event on the November show.

We toss in some listener feedback, revisit the Ghostbusters topic and talk about more of Brent’s “famous” repairs as well.

It’s a Happy Halloween/end of October freak-show bonanza (but without the clowns)!


59: #20DollarNotActuallyAWord



September 2017

Summer is taking it’s last bow here in the Bluegrass with fall on the way in and we take our best shot at holding onto the summer season as best as we possibly can.  Brent visits some local (but often overlooked) arcades and fun parks, swaps around his gameroom lineup a bit and puts a Domino Man on ice – but not before taking 50V right across the arm while working on the Nip-It.  Whitney does something he’s not done in over a year – pick up game – and via Facebook no less.  We discuss the upcoming UK Sky Skipper reveal, digital oscilloscopes and bust out a new segment for the show “Back to the Past” where we pull out some interesting facts/figures from old Playmeter and RePlay magazines and run some numbers through the handy-dandy inflation calculator and lament the “good old days” of buying games new in the box (err…crate).

This is way more fun than raking a pile of autumn leaves (or a 50V shock) – trust us!

Here’s how the timings for the show break down: (more…)

58: Tough as nails but ugly as sin



August 2017

Brent threw down the gauntlet with this episode – if you can find an uglier patch of carpet than what he has in his workroom, then you win absolutely nothing – nada, zip, zilch…basically just bragging rights on the fact that you’re keeping it real while working on your games.

We have the usual gameroom and hobby updates, discuss Fandom Fest, collecting Funco Pops (we even open a few on air) discuss the good/bad on various multimeters, spend some of Brent’s money and discuss a topic that we thought would never be covered on an arcade/pinball podcast – the arrest of legendary pinball designer John Trudeau.  All this and feedback too – August 2017 goes down in the history books.

Here’s how the timings for the show break down: (more…)

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