56: A Nip-It and an Idiot



June 2017

We are back from the 2017 Southern-Fried Gameroom Expo and this episode can be considered our “Super Mega Doppler SFGE Wrap-Up” episode, as we cover off on all things related to the expo, including, but not limited to:

  • Every friend we saw (of which there was a LOT)
  • Every game we played (of which there was a LOT)
  • Every panel we moderated or delivered (of which there was a LOT)
  • Every Nip-It we played (of which there was ONE)
  • Every time Brent tilted a pinball (of which there was a LOT)
  • Every time we said “SFGE” or “Sky Skipper” this episode (of which there is a LOT)*

WHEW!!  Well – there you go!  Episode 56 in a bag, baby!



55: Gamey McGame and the Double Nickel



May 2017

It’s the ‘ol Double Nickel (episode 55, as Brent so eloquently educated us on) and we’ve got a real treat in store for everyone this month – Jersey Jack from Jersey Jack Pinball.  He was in town for the Louisville Arcade Expo back in March and we’ve got the audio from his panel discussion ready for this month.  As Brent said when he listened to it – “this is the best Jersey Jack discussion I’ve heard – period” and we’ll park that right there.  We dive into the Sky Skipper Project and discuss it at some extended detail as Whitney gets ready for the US debut at the Southern-Fried Gameroom Expo in June.  We also talk through the month’s happenings, some gameroom updates and a bulk buy that Brent is working on.  Whitney finds a couple new ways to spend Brent’s money and we have another great bunch of feedback to review, as well.

I almost forgot – this episode is Burt Rendall approved!










Here’s how the timings for the show break down:


54: Two Tacos and a Cigar



April 2017

Yep, you read that right.  This month’s show is best described as a fine ‘sit me back’ with your favorite smoking jacket and two of the finest tacos the Border has to offer.  We roll back into the studio and recap our thoughts on the Louisville Arcade Expo, catch up on the happenings over both March *AND* April, get back into the swing of Spending Brent’s Money (shameless plug here…we racked up over a $500 bill EASY this month) and were delighted to feature a guest we’ve been wanting to have on the show for months now: Jimmy Litsey – BITD classic arcade operator of yore and man, does he have some cool stories to tell.  As always we plow through a ton of great and fun feedback and some industry news as well.

Oh yeah – the best part is always at the end, so be sure to stay through the credits!


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