Episode 35 – I color-matched the GI!



November 2015

As we roll out of Thanksgiving and officially into the Christmas holiday season, it’s a good time of the year to relax, unwind and catch up on happenings in the hobby, in our lives and talk about what we’re thankful for this year.

As long and varied as that list actually is (and it takes us the entire episode to get through it) we manage to roll though some personal updates, Holiday plans, spending Brent’s money and our recent foray into LED lights for both under-cabinet and playfield modifications to our pinball machines.  Brent covers off on his Adam’s Family and Whitney discusses LED’ing out his AC/DC Pro amongst Thanksgiving turkey cooking tips and the usual side-bar conversations that make sense by the end of the episode!

It’s an all-access pass to what we thought would originally be a “quick one-hour show” (HAHAHA!!! – yeah…right!) so catch that gobbler and get ready for Cyber Monday BT-style!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Here’s how the show timings break down:


Episode 34–12…It’s The Magic Number



October 2015

Happy Halloween everyone!

As we bring October 2015 to a close, it’s time to start looking towards the upcoming holidays, time with family and friends and hopefully some quality game restoration time! We’re definitely looking forward to the same and to help kick off ‘our favorite time of the year’ we have a new episode to help get you through some of that oh-so-quiet garage time applying bondo and huffing magic eraser suds. Smile

One thing that never ceases to amaze is just how much you can accomplish, even on a short schedule.  Both Brent and I were on the road most of the month for work and vacation, yet we still managed to cover off on a lot of topics:

  • Brent goes to Disney and gives us the low-down on Disney Quest, he makes some great progress on the Burgertime and gives the Big Guns the boot.
  • Whitney gets another Satan’s Hollow, wishes he had worked on the Zoo Keeper, laments starting on the Rally-X and almost drops an R-Type to its death.

Add to that we cover off on everything you’d ever want to know about rebuilding a G07, respond to a boat-load of feedback, Brent finally understands why magic marker isn’t OEM on the Burgertime and talk about why you don’t take Whitney fishing.


Episode 33–Who Didn’t See That One Coming?



September 2015

Fall is in the air and with that comes the upcoming Holidays, family time and (hopefully) some good garage and playing time, as well.  Speaking of playing, it’s an interesting point to consider – if you could have any arcade games you wanted, what would make the cut on your top-10 list?  Brent and I answer that question this month and dive into the titles that win out over all others.  It’s a fun and lively discussion and it’s a segment we’ve been meaning to do for months and we’re happy to slot it in for this episode.

Personally – I was glad to see that Brent loves Donkey Kong so much… I knew he’d eventually come around.

Once Brent came down off his Donkey Kong high, we were able to get back to business and discuss some game room updates, new reproduction parts for this month, respond to a TON of feedback (thank you!!), do a mini-review of the movie Pixels and we learn a little about Brent’s multi-game cabinet… great story and one that will certainly hit home for anyone who shares the hobby with their family.

So grab your favorite Oktoberfest and warm up with a good blankie while episode #33 gives you more insight into our psyche than you probably ever wanted!


Episode 32 – If I knew it, I forgot it



August 2015

Are you ready for another 4.5 hours of “arcade goodness”?  Not really?!?!  Ready or not, episode 32 is on the airwaves helping us to wrap up August 2015 in the grandest of style.

We take to the microphones where Brent talks some pinball and discusses some updates on his High Speed and begins the process of moving the Big Guns on down the line.  Whitney does nothing but talk about what he wishes he had done, but does get some play time at the Seattle Pinball Museum and meets up with some fellow listeners during his travels.

We also take this month’s interview segment and mix it up a bit – instead of talking about games, parts or collecting, we take the chance to give back a bit by delving into philanthropy in gaming and hear about those who use the hobby as a way to improve the lives of others.  We discuss the efforts of such great people as David Paul (Life Under Glass) and Joe Newhart (PinballStar Amusements) as well as hear from Dan Spolar (Project Pinball), Pat Young (Hero for the Heart) and Joshua Ahearn (Extra Life) as part of our coverage at the Southern-Fried Gameroom Expo 2015.

Last but not least, we cover off on the usual updates, listener mail and even devote way more time than necessary to topics like the crappy WG4500, repair bench monitors, new reproduction parts out this month and meeting Hulk Hogan.










Dig in and thanks for listening!


Episode 31 – A Trifecta of Fail



July 2015

We *finally* get back in our (studio) groove this month and stretch our legs a bit now that we’ve had the chance to recover from our recent Atlanta trip to the Southern-Fried Gameroom Expo. We recount our experiences at the expo and keep a watch over the next month as we’ll be working on publishing content from that show, as well.

For being on the road as much as we have, we still managed to cover off on quite a few updates. Brent works on the Burgertime (remember that, right?!?) and also logs some time against a multi game for friend and burns (just kidding, but not really) a Space Invaders that just seems to love him a little too much.

Whitney has some (albeit thin) updates on Project ZK (for everyone), and has been going on what feels like a bona-fide mission on Powdercoating and both lament the many struggles (they are real, I tell you) of T-molding removal and installation on Rally-X and Gaplus.

We talk some additional tube-swap topics, have an editorial on the whole ‘Skit-B/Predator pinball drama’ and as with every month, Whitney “Spends Brent’s Money” where we talk lots of new parts and reproductions available this month.

We cover off on some great listener mail and give a “special” shout-out to Charlie and the gang at Spooky Pinball (listen to the end of the show… I’m about ready to retire Brent straight up, hence the show title).

It’s a 4-hour extravaganza (or something of the short… I needed a #20DollarWord for this month, and it fit) this month full of fun, laughs and great information.

Enjoy the show!


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