September 2015

Fall is in the air and with that comes the upcoming Holidays, family time and (hopefully) some good garage and playing time, as well.  Speaking of playing, it’s an interesting point to consider – if you could have any arcade games you wanted, what would make the cut on your top-10 list?  Brent and I answer that question this month and dive into the titles that win out over all others.  It’s a fun and lively discussion and it’s a segment we’ve been meaning to do for months and we’re happy to slot it in for this episode.

Personally – I was glad to see that Brent loves Donkey Kong so much… I knew he’d eventually come around.

Once Brent came down off his Donkey Kong high, we were able to get back to business and discuss some game room updates, new reproduction parts for this month, respond to a TON of feedback (thank you!!), do a mini-review of the movie Pixels and we learn a little about Brent’s multi-game cabinet… great story and one that will certainly hit home for anyone who shares the hobby with their family.

So grab your favorite Oktoberfest and warm up with a good blankie while episode #33 gives you more insight into our psyche than you probably ever wanted!

Brent's Top-10 Arcade Games

And one pinball!
Top-10 #
More Information
1.Donkey Kong whoops..BattlezoneBattlezone@ KLOV
2.GorfGorf@ KLOV
3.FroggerFrogger@ KLOV
4.Atari Star WarsStar Wars@ KLOV
5.Area 51Area 51@ KLOV
6.Time PilotTime Pilot@ KLOV
7.Moon PatrolMoon Patrol@ KLOV
8.Mustang PinballMustang Pinball @ IPDB
9.AsteroidsAsteroids @ KLOV
10.Juno FirstJuno First @ KLOV

Whitney's Top-10 Arcade Games

What's a Top-10 unless it has 11 machines!?!?
Top-10 #
More Information
1.Donkey KongDonkey Kong @ KLOV
2.Zoo KeeperZoo Keeper @ KLOV
3.Food FightFood Fight@ KLOV
4.Rally-XRally-X @ KLOV
5.Satan's HollowSatan's Hollow @ KLOV
6.Galaga 3 / GaplusGaplus @ KLOV
7.Black Widow / RobotronBlack Widow @ KLOV

Robotron @ KLOV

8.Donkey Kong 3Donkey Kong 3 @ KLOV
9.GyrussGyruss @ KLOV
10.Mad PlanetsMad Planets @ KLOV

Episode 33 - Show Links

Here's a 'one-stop' shop for all the items we mentioned in this month's episode!
More Information
Vapor TRXGame Vapor TRX @ KLOV
Wizard Mode FilmDocumentaryWizard Mode FilmStory of Robert Gagno - a documentary about one of the world's best pinball players who also happens to have autism.

Indiegogo campaign
CNC-cut wood Nintendo control panelsReproductionsFor Sale thread on KLOV$45 shipped; $4 extra w/ true-flat T-molding on the front slot.
Dynamo HS-1 cabinetsReproductionsInterest thread on KLOV$450 assembled; $500 if you want t-molding, leg levelers, etc.

Black melamine, birch base
The BitWrench!!ToolsInfo thread @ KLOV

$10 shipped!
BitWrench makes arcade control panel assembly quick and painless! No more tightening button fasteners with ChanneLocks or clunky pliers.

Easy to access both commonly used 1 1/8" plastic nuts and 15/16" PAL nuts, even with switches and wiring still in place.

Laser cut from 6061-T6 aluminum which compliments any DIY's toolbox.
Midway monitor bubblesReproductionsInfo thread @ Pinside
$20 shipped on 2-rib versions; fits Wizard-of-Wor upright.
DMD Saver from German PinballNew PartThread @ Pinbside
Podcasters Support shirt
Save your old out-gassed display!
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