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91: The Quarantine Chronicles



July 2020

Oh, it’s GOOD to be back!

I think that’s the best way to sum up this episode, as we are (socially distanced) back in for our first studio epsiode since the COVID-19 pandemic and ensuing “shelter in place” situation went mainstream.  We spend some time catching up and talking about how we’ve been dealing with the pandemic and discussing our efforts during this “downtime” to keep ourselves occupied and productive.

Brent discusses his major arcade and pinball parts cleanup effort, some RC cars he’s been building and some general housekeeping going on at his place to stay fit and tidy.  Whitney gets into the homeschooling routine, shopping his pins and getting set up with both a Cricut cutter and getting his 3D printer up and going.  In fact, there’s enough discussion on 3D printing that we dedicate the show’s tech segment to further discussion and sharing of information to help get you as productive as quickly as possible in case you decide to take up this effort.  Don’t blame Whitney if you go out and buy a printer after hearing this show.. (pssst….Ender 3 Pro FTW).

We also discuss a bit of industry news that’s happened over the past couple of months and highlight a brand new Sega Dreamcast KickStarter as well!

Oh – last but certainly not least – don’t miss out on the wonderful Lit Frame giveaway! Winner to be announced on our Sept. epsiode!  More details here -

Wherever you are in the world – we thank you for listening and hope that you and your family are safe and continue to be in good health.

We hope you enjoy the episode!

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72: Chrome won’t get you home



August 2018

Way better… that’s the best phrase we know of to sum up August vs. July 2018.  No plumbing issues (that we know of), no home repairs and no major calamities befell the podcast crew this month, so we were able to focus on what we do best – POSING as knowledgeable pinball and arcade hobbyists.  With that poser status comes a lot of a poser updates on everything from Brent’s new 3D printer, his thermoforming machine build, a massive parts haul and more.  Whitney found a few fluke pods and is still posing as a pinballer while he awaits word on his TNA.  We also catch up on a mini-review of the Hyperkin RetroN77 and pose as big spenders with Brent’s money this month (seriously – check out the list) before chatting up the new Stern Pinball Deadpool.  We top all this with a BOATLOAD (no posing required this month) of listener feedback that turned out to be as much (or more) fun than the actual show itself.

Like the old saying goes “chrome won’t get you home” but we sure pretended it did.


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