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95: The Console Mountain



December 2020

Salutations and tithings everyone, we trust that you are healthy, safe and ready to kick 2020 in the hiney to see it out proper. Speaking of “we” (as in not we, but he) Brent does this show solo (for reasons we’ll get into in January) so please give him the virtual “hug” and let us know if you liked the focus on this month’s show. It’s clear that he has spent some serious time over the past several weeks going “console crazy” and he told me in discussion it was like climbing a mountain – and a show title was born!

This month we feature another panel discussion from the 2019 Portland Retro Gaming Expo entitled “The Best Classic Consoles at any Price Point” and we think you’ll find it very interesting given the recent boom in retro console gaming and the interest there driving prices up almost everywhere online.

We hope everyone has a fantastic Christmas and New Years Holiday and we look forward to being back at full for January!


Episode 29 – 1To1 with David Crane








May 2015

This is the fifth and final episode in our coverage of the 2015 Louisville Arcade Expo and we’re excited to be bringing you this very special interview with David Crane.

It’s hard to quantify just how excited I (Whitney) was to be able to sit down with David and get his time – uninterrupted – for an hour to ask him the questions that I’ve been wanting to ask for the past 30 years. His insight is incredible and his answers matter-of-fact and immediately genuine.   It’s hard – if not impossible – to cram an entire career’s worth of questions into this interview, but we covered as much ground as possible.  The interview starts with the cursory background on Activision and the founding of the company and then moves into game development, the personalities involved in creating the “rainbow” titles we all know and love, as well as the fall of the video game industry in the early/mid 80’s and how Activision responded as well as what happened with the people after the fact.  There’s a fair amount of technical and artwork discussion as well – we tried to squeeze as much in as we could!

We hope you enjoy this as much as we enjoy bringing it to you!


Episode 28–The Internal Magic of the Atari 2600



 May 2015

This is the fourth episode in our coverage of the 2015 Louisville Arcade Expo and we are proud to bring you the audio (and video – check that out below) from the David Crane seminar entitled “The Internal Magic of the Atari 2600”.

During the presentation, we are treated to a history lesson like no other.  David delves into some of the history of Activision and how he and the other founding members left Atari to go into startup mode and build what would become one of the most influential companies in video gaming history.  David covers many details behind development of some of the landmark titles Activision released for the platform (like Pitfall, Pitfall II, Kaboom, Freeway, Laser Blast, Dragster and many others) and it becomes apparent that there is FAR more story than could ever hope to fit into an hours’ discussion.

The title of the seminar is well-named in that David then takes the conversation into a very technical direction and talks about the process for developing games for the Atari 2600 and speaks to many of the lessons learned and even shows some of the internal coding mechanisms that were afforded by the Atari 2600 hardware to produce such engaging games with so little hardware resources.

We at the Brokentoken Podcast, in partnership with the Louisville Arcade Expo, are proud to bring you this fantastic seminar presentation that goes where only someone like David Crane can go – into the “magic”.


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