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Episode 33–Who Didn’t See That One Coming?



September 2015

Fall is in the air and with that comes the upcoming Holidays, family time and (hopefully) some good garage and playing time, as well.  Speaking of playing, it’s an interesting point to consider – if you could have any arcade games you wanted, what would make the cut on your top-10 list?  Brent and I answer that question this month and dive into the titles that win out over all others.  It’s a fun and lively discussion and it’s a segment we’ve been meaning to do for months and we’re happy to slot it in for this episode.

Personally – I was glad to see that Brent loves Donkey Kong so much… I knew he’d eventually come around.

Once Brent came down off his Donkey Kong high, we were able to get back to business and discuss some game room updates, new reproduction parts for this month, respond to a TON of feedback (thank you!!), do a mini-review of the movie Pixels and we learn a little about Brent’s multi-game cabinet… great story and one that will certainly hit home for anyone who shares the hobby with their family.

So grab your favorite Oktoberfest and warm up with a good blankie while episode #33 gives you more insight into our psyche than you probably ever wanted!


Live Broadcast – The Place Retro Arcade on May 17th 2014



On Saturday, May 17th Brent and I will have the show on the road and will travel up to Cincinnati, OH to broadcast from “The Place Retro Arcade”

For everyone who might not be familiar with this arcade, it is run by Cary Chaney and offers a very family-friendly environment with 40+ classic arcade games, pinball and console gaming from the Atari 2600 all the way up to the Xbox One.

The arcade is located at (click for map)

4069 E Galbraith Rd
Cincinnati, OH 45236
(513) 745-0803

Cary has graciously invited us up to broadcast the show that evening. We’ll get started right at 6:00 PM and will run for as long as it takes. We’re also going to have two very special guests in with us for the show:

  • John Salter – the world-record marathon gamer who just set two world records for longest single gameplay (85+ hours) and for high score on Armor Attack.
  • Estel Goffinet – Kong Off 3 contestant and potentially one of the best “no hammer” DK players out there.

We’ll be broadcasting live on our MixLR streaming page – and if all goes well, we’ll have live chat up and running as well so that we can take questions during the show!

We’ll also be recording video of the event and will release that along with the audio shortly after the event wraps.

If you are local to the area and have some time free that Saturday afternoon/evening, we’d love to see you in person at the event – otherwise please tune into our MixLR channel to join in on the fun!

Thanks and GAME ON!

It’s a Kong Off, baby!



This is so sweet.  I love Donkey Kong – it’s always been my favorite game, and the recent resurgence it has been receiving due to the King of Kong movie and the highly-publicized high score volleys between Steve Wiebe, Billy Mitchell and Hank Chien have just made being a DK fan all that much better.


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