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59: #20DollarNotActuallyAWord



September 2017

Summer is taking it’s last bow here in the Bluegrass with fall on the way in and we take our best shot at holding onto the summer season as best as we possibly can.  Brent visits some local (but often overlooked) arcades and fun parks, swaps around his gameroom lineup a bit and puts a Domino Man on ice – but not before taking 50V right across the arm while working on the Nip-It.  Whitney does something he’s not done in over a year – pick up game – and via Facebook no less.  We discuss the upcoming UK Sky Skipper reveal, digital oscilloscopes and bust out a new segment for the show “Back to the Past” where we pull out some interesting facts/figures from old Playmeter and RePlay magazines and run some numbers through the handy-dandy inflation calculator and lament the “good old days” of buying games new in the box (err…crate).

This is way more fun than raking a pile of autumn leaves (or a 50V shock) – trust us!

Here’s how the timings for the show break down: (more…)

58: Tough as nails but ugly as sin



August 2017

Brent threw down the gauntlet with this episode – if you can find an uglier patch of carpet than what he has in his workroom, then you win absolutely nothing – nada, zip, zilch…basically just bragging rights on the fact that you’re keeping it real while working on your games.

We have the usual gameroom and hobby updates, discuss Fandom Fest, collecting Funco Pops (we even open a few on air) discuss the good/bad on various multimeters, spend some of Brent’s money and discuss a topic that we thought would never be covered on an arcade/pinball podcast – the arrest of legendary pinball designer John Trudeau.  All this and feedback too – August 2017 goes down in the history books.

Here’s how the timings for the show break down: (more…)

Episode 21 – An Evening with John Trudeau



January 2015

We’re kicking off the new year in a massive way by sitting in with legendary Pinball designer, John Trudeau, and spending an evening discussing Stern’s newest title – Wrestlemania!

John gives us a candid and unplugged discussion around the back-story for the title while we talk game development, rule sets and all the new technology in this title.  Stern has packed this game to the gills with several legit new features and we talk through them all… from a new sound system to the innovative playfield mechanics and the brand-new modular Linux-based controller system alongside the introduction of LCD technology (in the LE) to the Stern line-up.

No kayfabe here gang… this is Stern’s A-game and we talk this baby from the swerve to the work and everything in-between.


Episode 07c – 2014 Louisville Arcade Expo – John Trudeau & Python Anghelo Seminar



April 2014

This is the third of three ‘special episodes’ that encompasses (and concludes) our coverage of the 2014 Louisville Arcade Expo and was recorded Saturday afternoon, March 8th 2014.

This seminar comprises two parts:

  1. The first portion is John engaging with the audience discussing the highlights of his career and the projects that he has worked on in the past.  We hear about his games and time at Premier, Midway, Williams and Stern with John taking audience questions.
  2. In the second portion, we are then fortunate enough to get Python Anghelo online via Skype for what is an unforgettable interview and story-telling session between both legends of the industry.

What makes this interview and seminar session so special is that this event turned out being the last public appearance by Python before his passing on April 9th, 2014.

We’ve also included the video of the session below as well.  John’s first segment of the seminar runs for ~41 minutes with Python and John together for the balance of the video.

We hope that you enjoy this very special production.  We here at BrokenToken want to extend our sympathies to the friends and family of Python and we also thank John Trudeau for stewarding this wonderful opportunity.

As I’ve heard Python say several times before – “Much Pinball Love”.

RIP and Godspeed.

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