January 2021

Happy little trees podcasters is the theme of this month’s show, especially with us being at MAXIMUM HOSTING POWER now that Whitney has recovered from COVID-19 and has returned to the podcasting studio.

We catch up on what life has been like over the past month, hear Whitney’s COVID chronicles and discuss some gameroom updates as well.  Brent digs further into the console mountain, gifts Whitney an Atari 5200 and some games and then doubles-down in the Tempest coin bucket for some belated Christmas cheer, all the while making it crystal clear that Whitney doesn’t deserve Brent.

We dig into some classic computer talk, gameroom LED strip lights, Sky Skipper revisited, some 3D printer upgrades, IC chip lifters and wax on a bit about Led Zeppelin as a theme for a pinball machine in 2020/2021.  We also dig into the mailbag for some listener e-mail (and some VERY hot takes) and talk about the latest news on the Pinball Hall of Fame.

I’m sure we missed something above, especially after we got off track talking about Bob Ross, but we’ll leave that for you to hear!

Wherever you are in the world – we thank you for listening and hope that you and your family are safe and continue to be in good health.