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Episode 40–Saturday Night Live from the 2016 Louisville Arcade Expo



April 2016

You see what I did there, right?  Saturday Night Live!?!?  **moan**.. OK, well in the interest of ‘almost SNL-quality’ entertainment, we bring you our Saturday livestream show from the floor of the 2016 Louisville Arcade Expo!

Join in for the fun as we recap the days’ events and rotate some pretty heavy hitters through the ‘5th chair’ (i.e. “Hey you – yeah you!!  Grab that mic and talk to us!!) at our booth during the show.  All-in-all, we had an epic night and tons of friends (and family) show up for the show, as well as an “arcade living legend” sit down with us, as well.

  • Jeff Waldron and his daughter Paige
  • Felicity and Chris Fitzpatrick
  • Jackie Roberts, Grace Roberts and Gareth Millwood
  • Billy Mitchell


Episode 39–Friday Night Live from the 2016 Louisville Arcade Expo




March 2016

This is the first episode in our coverage of the 2016 Louisville Arcade Expo!  We are super-excited to bring you all the audio and video coverage of the expo seminars, as well as our live-stream shows – recorded direct from the show floor – from both Friday and Saturday night.

Aside from the normal banter, background noise and endless pontification that you’ve come to expect, we feature several guests from Friday night and had a great time talking with them:

We’ll update the links below as the other shows go live, but here’s what you can expect from our total coverage:

  • Steve Ritchie -  slide/show seminar and Q&A session
  • Joel West – on playing Berzerk and open Q&A
  • Billy Mitchell & Walter Day – seminar on playing the perfect Pac-Man game; open Q&A
  • Billy Mitchell, Joel West & Brian Kuh – open Q&A seminar
  • Friday night livestream show
  • Saturday night livestream show

Join in on the fun and relive the action of the expo as we bring you as much from the show floor as we can squeeze into a modest-sized (for us…LOL) MP3 file.

As always, remember to check our Facebook Page for content in-between the episodes, as Brent and I keep a lively presence on the podcast page and we enjoy great discussion on trending topics in the hobby.

Follow us on Twitter @BrokenToken and if you want to talk to us directly, give us a shout on the podcast voicemail line – 470-2CALLBT (470-222-5528)

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Thanks for listening and GAME ON!

Episode 27 – It’s Happy Hour (and then some)!



April 2015

This is the third of a whopping five special episodes that encompass our live coverage of the 2015 Louisville Arcade Expo!

This show’s format is what I’d like to think of as “unplugged” as we camped out in a hotel room with the mics and portable recorders and 12+ people joined in on the fun where some beers were consumed, gaming was the topic and the Expo was the backdrop.  It was a great time and is something we’d definitely like to do more of.


Episode 24 – Friday Night Live from the 2015 Louisville Arcade Expo



March 2015

This is the first of a whopping five special episodes that encompass our live coverage of the 2015 Louisville Arcade Expo! This show was recorded live on Friday night, March 6th, 2015 and includes coverage from the expo floor and several sit-in guest interviews from friends of the show (Phoebe Smith, Jeff Waldron, Debs Fitzpatrick – and special guest Emma (Brent’s niece)) that were in attendance.

As we continue to post the other episodes over the next couple of weeks, refer back to the list below for links to the shows in the podcast feed as they go live!


Live Show Schedule – 2015 Louisville Arcade Expo



Hey everyone, we will have a booth set up at the 2015 Louisville Arcade Expo and will be doing a few live show broadcasts direct from the show floor, so please stop by and chat with us for a bit!  We’d love to grab a picture with you and get you on the show!

All live shows are broadcast on our MixLR channel – and can be streamed (via a browser or app) with no account signup or special equipment.  If you have an iPhone/iPad or Android device, then enhance your listening experience with the MixLR app, available below:



Date & Time
More Info
Live podcast broadcast from the show floor!Friday - March 6th @ 7:00 PM EST - ???Live from the show floor with expo discussion and interviews!Listen Live @
Live podcast broadcast from the show floor!Saturday - March 7th @ 7:00 PM EST - ???Live from the show floor with expo discussion and interviews!
Listen Live @
Special Encore "Happy Hour" show!Saturday night, March 7th @ 10:30 PM ESTGonna run this baby for 60 minutes and cram as many show listeners in as possible.

Will be 'open-mic' and anything goes.

Broadcast location at the expo will be finalized on Sat. afternoon. Listen to the live show or stop by the booth for up-to-date info.

Bring a beer, grab a mic and let's talk games!
Listen Live @

We’ll also have available for purchase our podcast T-Shirts, so please consider supporting the show and wearing the BT logo loud and proud!

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