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52: Friday Night Live at the 2017 Louisville Arcade Expo



March 2017

It’s taken us a bit to recover, but we’re back with a vengeance purpose now that we’ve gotten a few naps under our belt and tossed on some clean Superfriends Underoos!

This episode is a recording of the live show we streamed on Friday night, March 3rd 2017.  We managed to rotate quite the number of guests in/out of the booth during the course of the livestream (list below) and what more can we say than “we had a blast, and it shows”.

  • Brent’s niece & nephew – Emma and Logan, talking retro and console gaming at the Expo
  • Tony Thomas and Corey Simms from Louisville’s RecBar
  • Clint Hoskins and Jared Neible from Evansville’s Secret Headquarters
  • Adam and JP from Pod Casserole
  • Friend of the show Jim Hale (he traveled in all the way from Denver, CO!)
  • And last – but certainly not least (technically, she’s first) we have the show intro by Whitney’s daughter Grace – she carried us when we were nowhere to be found…


High Score: 50








January 2017

“Book ‘em Danno” – it’s the big ‘Five-O’ show!

There’s so much crammed into this month’s episode that we had to loosen the belt a bit and put on the stretchy pants, because I think we’ve hit an all-time high score when it comes to show length, commutes and long-distance runs…. seriously.


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