October 2020

We hope your Halloween pumpkins were stuffed to the brim this past Holiday and to celebrate “All Hallows Eve” we go old school with a long(ish) episode this month and the all references on this show run as deep as they do wide.  We’ll leave it to you, our astute listener, to unpack everything and make sense of it all (pretty much the same as every other month).  We dig into quite a few topics this show:

  • Parts and tool storage solutions (summoning the inner ratchet strap on this discussion)
  • The Multigame and High Score Save kit, revisited
  • Jersey Jack Pinball’s Gun N’ Roses “Not In this Lifetime” new release
  • Mailbag show follow-ups
  • The wrap-up of Brent’s part sort and the start of the show “prize closet”
  • Whitney’s foray into 3D printing parts for pinball machines

We also feature our next installment in the “2019 PRGE Seminar Series” with the audio from the “Atari Arcade Games – The REAL Atari” panel discussion.  This is part of the panels that Whitney attended at last year’s PRGE and is included here with permission from the show organizers.  This session features stories and insight from Ed Logg (Super Breakout, Asteroids, Centipede, Millipede, Gauntlet), John Salwitz (Paperboy), Rich Adam (Gravitar), and Ed Rotberg (Battlezone, 3D work internal in Atari).

Wherever you are in the world – we thank you for listening and hope that you and your family are safe and continue to be in good health.

We hope you enjoy the episode!