April 2017

All your April Fools belongs to us!  Yeah – we went there.   So – to help you recover from what was undoubtedly a VERY stressful April 1st, we bring you the recording of the live show we streamed on Saturday night, March 4th 2017.  We managed to rotate quite the number of guests in/out of the booth during the course of the livestream (list below) and what more can we say than “we had a blast, and it shows”.

  • The Skycurser Devs – Philip Golobish and Christopher Cruz
  • Adam and JP from Pod Casserole (with a special episode of “Adam’s Ghost”)
  • David Corrigan from the Grand Ole Gameroom Expo
  • Whitney’s nephew Gareth Milwood
  • Tony Thomas from Louisville’s RecBar
  • And last – but certainly not least (technically, she’s first) we have the show intro by Whitney’s daughter Grace – she carried us when we were nowhere to be found…

The Louisville Arcade Expo has continued to grow year-after-year and is is hitting a really good stride now in both size, attendance and the sheer amount of content available to take in over the course of the show.  The growth has lead to a brand new floor layout, a significant uptick in the number of games available to play, more seminars in a dedicated space and new segments of the hobby/genre being represented at the show.

We recorded all of the relevant seminars and will be releasing both the audio and video from them in the next few weeks, as well.  We’ll have the audio in upcoming episodes and the video will be on our Youtube channel.

With that – grab a smoothie, sit back and enjoy a great night of fun at the 2017 Louisville Arcade Expo!

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