August 2018

Way better… that’s the best phrase we know of to sum up August vs. July 2018.  No plumbing issues (that we know of), no home repairs and no major calamities befell the podcast crew this month, so we were able to focus on what we do best – POSING as knowledgeable pinball and arcade hobbyists.  With that poser status comes a lot of a poser updates on everything from Brent’s new 3D printer, his thermoforming machine build, a massive parts haul and more.  Whitney found a few fluke pods and is still posing as a pinballer while he awaits word on his TNA.  We also catch up on a mini-review of the Hyperkin RetroN77 and pose as big spenders with Brent’s money this month (seriously – check out the list) before chatting up the new Stern Pinball Deadpool.  We top all this with a BOATLOAD (no posing required this month) of listener feedback that turned out to be as much (or more) fun than the actual show itself.

Like the old saying goes “chrome won’t get you home” but we sure pretended it did.

Episode 72 - Show Links

Here's a 'one-stop' shop for all the items we mentioned in this month's episode!
More Information
Creality CR-10S 3-D PrinterMaker Stuff!

SD Card Extension Cable -

"The Hot Mess" 3D Printing group on Facebook -
Factory Bally / Midway universal testerTest Equipment
Hyperkin RetroN 77 "Community Image"Atari 2600
Powdercoating - mini-tex black PowdercoatingContact Chris Royalty @ Pinball Plating -

Logic ComparatorsTest EquipmentInfo on these tools @ KLOV -

"How to use" thread @ KLOV -

HP 10529A

B&K Precision Model 550 (for TTL)
Nintendo Red Tent coin boxesReproduction PartsInterest list @ KLOV -$58/each
Tempest & Tempest Tubes high-score save kit / multigame

Tempest FPGA MultigameInfo thread @ KLOV -

  • FPGA Tempest Multigame (with Tempest,Major Havoc and Omega Race).
  • FPGA Major Havoc for dedicated cabinets

  • FPGA Quantum dedicated

  • FPGA SpaceDuel Multigame (with SD,BW,G,T,MH,OR) (avail 3Q18)

$699 shipped (CONUS)

Deadpool Pinball from Stern!PinballPro Playfield

Premium Playfield

Features Matrix
Zombi Yetti artwork package; based on the comics, not the movies.

Love the 16-bit "SNES-style" backbox display/videos

Like Maiden, the gap between Pro/Premium is getting narrower and narrower

BT Keychain - 3D Print and Autodesk Fusion 360!3D Printing3D Keychain courtesy of listener Joe Zenkus! -

Autodesk Fusion 360 - Educational / Student pricing -

Link to the STL file for the keychain -

Pinball Supernova - How to build a translight lightbox (guide and parts list)GameroomBOM and links to everything needed to build the translight lightbox -

In this video, Lee, shows how to build a light box to show off your pinball translites.  The light box can be hung on the wall or presented on a shelf and takes about a day to build and cost under $100.00. 

Listener video feedback - running a dehumidifier in your gameroomFeedbackPinball Mayhem! Check them out and watch the video here!

Frigidare 70-pint; $225 @ Amazon

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